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At Danson Garage, we provide full, interim and major car servicing for customers in the Sidcup, Welling, Bexley Heathand surrounding areas. We work on all makes and models of cars and vans, including light commercial vehicles providing affordable servicing for our customers. We’re an independent garage, which means our smaller team pay greater attention to detail, truly valuing every customer that comes through our door and dedicated to providing them with the best service we can offer.

A van or car service isn’t required by law like your MOT, and can often be avoided or put to the side as people don’t necessarily see the value in it. However, at Danson Garage we know that with regular servicing and maintenance of your vehicle, it can cost you less in the run long ensuring that your car stays on the road, runs efficiently and saves you money on major repairs and fuel. We offer different levels of servicing for our customers as every car is different, and every customer travels differently. We base our service levels on your mileage and will tailor your van or car service to your vehicle, following the manufacturers’ guidelines on your service schedule.

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We offer high-quality levels of service, and our highly qualified team will ensure you that you’re leaving your car in safe hands when you come to Danson Garage. Our technicians and mechanics are experienced in working with any make or model of vehicle, and, should you need any repairs, we’ll always contact you first without steaming ahead and doing work you don’t approve. Our team are friendly and professional and will help guide you through your repairs process, and how much it will cost so there are no unexpected surprises when you to come to collect your car.

To find out what is included in a service schedule with Danson Garage, book online for instant access to prices too. Just enter your car registration and select a service and book for free. We’ll provide a guidance on our interim, full and major service schedules, but we’ll always check your vehicle’s manual for their service specifications so that your vehicle gets what it needs in order to run efficiently throughout the year. A service will help to top up any fluids, check for any issues within the system, and make sure everything is in working order before an MOT is due. Book online today to keep your car running efficiently.

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