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Have you got a strange light on your dashboard?

At Danson Garage, we provide engine diagnostic tests for customers that have warning lights appearing on their dashboard. We’ll find the fault within the system and provide any repairs needed in order to get everything back up and running. An engine diagnostic test helps to reveal any minor repairs or adjustments that need to be made before more serious issues cause irreparable damage.

Warning lights on the dashboard can occur for a number of different reasons, but rather than ignore the issue, it can be important to go and see your local garage as soon as you can in order to prevent breakdowns or any further damage. At Danson Garage our technicians are all fully trained to perform a diagnostic test on your vehicle to determine the cause of the fault and find out why the warning light is displaying on the dashboard. We have invested in the latest diagnostic equipment which helps us to identify the exact cause of the fault so that our mechanics can repair it as efficiently as possible.

You can book an engine diagnostic test easily online by using our online booking tool. You can view prices easily, and select a time and date that suits you.

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What is car diagnostics in any case?

Your vehicle comes with an inbuilt computer which monitors fluid levels and temperatures within the system as well as cables and electrics running through the car. If there is an error somewhere within the system, the computer identifies this. During your diagnostic test, we’ll hook up our fault code reading equipment to your car’s computer and it runs a series of tests on each component to identify where the fault is coming from. Our mechanics will then contact you and let you know what repairs are needed on your car.

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Why is this so essential?

If a warning light appears on your car, it can be any number of things. But often it can be directly related to your engine, brake system or any other important aspect within your car that needs some serious attention. Performing a diagnostic test can find out the cause of the problem before it’s too late. It allows our mechanics at Danson Garage to quickly perform the repairs, before any further damage is caused.

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