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Want your air conditioning to keep you cool this summer?

Danson Garage is fully equipped with the latest technology and trained technicians in order to provide air conditioning servicing and re-gassing for customers in Sidcup, Bexley Heath, Bexley, Welling and surrounding areas. Simply enter your vehicle registration to get an instant price and book your car in now.

Did you know your air conditioning and cooling ought to have regular servicing? Maintaining the air conditioning system helps to make sure everything is working properly and helps to top up the gas and refrigerant levels.

By cleaning the air conditioning system we can dispose of any bad odours and dirt within the system and keep cool air blowing out of the system. Your air con is also useful for providing dry air in the winter, which helps to demist your windscreen.

At Danson garage, you can book online for your air conditioning service, and we’ll make sure that everything is in working order, without charging you a fortune.

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What is a car air conditioning service?

During your air conditioning service we will check each component within the system to make sure it is in working order, we’ll check the system for any leaks and blockages, clean the system and recharge or add gas back into the system. Whilst your air conditioning system doesn’t have a big impact on the overall running of your vehicle, if your air con system isn’t running efficiently it can impact upon your fuel consumption and battery life. Getting your air conditioning regularly serviced can prevent this, and can also can help save you money on major repairs further down the line.

So does an air conditioning service include repairs?

During your air conditioning service, we’ll check for any additional repairs that needed. The service itself contains a re-gas and inspection, however, if any additional repairs are needed, we’ll contact you to let you know what is going on. We’ll let you know the additional price, and won’t go ahead and do the work unless we have your approval. Most air conditioning systems will simply need a re-gas and clean to get them back to full working order again.

How often should I book a car air conditioning service?

It’s important to check your vehicle’s manual to see how often an air conditioning service will be needed in relation to your particular make and model of car. If you don’t have this to hand, at Danson Garage, we recommend getting a service done at least every 2 years to prevent major damage and keep you cool in the summer when you need it most.

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